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Stonewyck Elementary

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School name
Practice Day
Practice Time
Season Dates
Meeting Location
Dismissal Location
Stonewyck Elementary
3:00 - 4:15 PM
9/27/2022 - 5/20/2023
Outside of Cafeteria
Bus Loop

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After School Package Options




  • Weekly Training

  • 1 Free T-Shirt per year

  • Weekly Training

  • 1 Free T-Shirt per year

  • 6 Saturday Games

  • Weekly Training 

  • Weekly focused, advanced, training for competitive athletes

  • 1 Free T-Shirt per year

  • 6 Saturday Games

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The total cost of the program is 9x the monthly rate.
*Some Packages Include A $10.00 Late Registration Fee*

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is practice cancelled if it rains?

​We do not cancel practice for rain, we will go inside the school and work on athletic drills, balance skills, Game IQ & more. Severe weather may cause practice cancellation in rare cases (tornadoes, hurricanes, & more).

2. When and where do you meet my child?

​Meeting location varies by school. We typically meet TUF players in teh cafeteria, media center, or a designated hallway. Check your first day email for more information. Some school's location is to be determined by the school, in this case you will recieve an email. 

3. Where do I pick up my child?

​In the car rider line. If your child is in another after-school program, they will be escorted back to their program after practice and you can pick them up from there. All car riders and walkers must be signed out by a parent or guardian, unless you select the (walker/biker non-parent) pick up option at registration. There are no buses for this program.

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