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Included in the Events

1. Dynamic Stretches

2. Skill-based warm-ups

3. Team Practice Drills & Scrimmages

4. Skills Competitions

5. Basketball or Soccer Event Focus

Sponsorship Events

On school holidays, you may see a sponsorship event pop-up! These are FREE Events that allow your kids to come out and play basketball or soccer with TUF Athletes from all over Orlando. Open to TUF Personal Training Clients, After-School Players, friends, and the community; generally ages 5-12.


The purpose of the events are to help sponsor children who would otherwise not be able to participate in TUF programs. Donations are accepted, but never required. Can't wait to see you there!

Sponsor a player

Thank you for your donations that have supported TUF Athletes with full or partial scholarships to TUF  programs around Orlando!

If you would like to donate, use this form:

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