After School Payment Information

The Cost of the Program


  • The total cost of the program is the monthly rate multiplied by the number of months the program covers. 


  • (If you are in the team or elite package, each payment includes a portion that goes towards covering the total cost of the games and/or more advanced training) 


  • The total costs of the games is $10 x the number of months the program covers. 


  • The total cost of the Elite training is $10 x the number of months the program covers. 


The Cost of Each Session


  • The cost of each session can be found by dividing the total cost, by the number of total sessions. 


  • Please refer to the schedule for the number of sessions at your school. 


Monthly Payments


  • Monthly payments were created so that families do not have to pay the entire cost of the program up front. 


  • Each payment is 1 payment in a total payment plan. 


  • Each monthly payment covers about 3 sessions.


Payment Timing & Cadence


  • Payments do not necessarily line up with practices, and this is due to days off school. 


  • Payments are set up to recur monthly on the same day of the month as originally registered. 


Missed Practices


  • Missed practices are not discounted. 


Missed Payments


  • A parent should correct a missed payment within 3 days of payment date. 


  • A child may not be allowed to participate after 3 days have passed. 


Cancelled Payments


  • You may cancel your payments at any time after registration. 


  • A full refund will be issued within 7 days of registration. 


  • After that, the total amount due will be calculated based on the amount of sessions you were REGISTERED for. 


  • The first session of each school year is not discounted, for any sign-ups after practice 1.


  • If you would like to cancel, please cancel as soon as you know you will not continue. 


  • If there is any money left on your account after all sessions have been accounted for, this will remain on your account for 1 fiscal year.